Scientific program

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  Monday May 29 2017
17:00 Registration and poster setup
19:00 Welcome reception
  Tuesday May 30 2017
All lectures will be given in the lecture hall “Studion”
  Chair: Karin Ljung and Stéphanie Robert
9:00 Opening of the conference, general information
9:10 Opening lecture: Malcolm Bennett, New angles on root growth and development.
  Session I: Hormones and organisation of root system architecture
  Chair: Karin Ljung
9:40 Plenary lecture: Eva BenkovaAuxin and cytokinin regulation of the root system architecture – antagonism or synergy?
10:10 Selected speaker: Abdellah Lakehal , Complex hormone crosstalk controls adventitious root formation
10:30 Coffee break
  Chair: Stéphanie Robert
11:00 Keynote lecture: Alexis Maizel, Auxin dependent cell remodelling during lateral root morphogenesis in Arabidopsis.
11:30 Selected speaker: Grégory Vert, Brassinosteroid signaling-dependent root growth responses to prolonged elevated ambient temperature in Arabidopsis
11.50 Selected speaker: Sara Raggi, Using chemical biology to dissect the auxin signaling pathway
12:10 Keynote lecture: Bert De Rybel, Genetic and hormonal control of vascular cell proliferation.
12:40 Lunch
  Session II: Cell division and cell fate acquisition
  Chair: Ioanna Antoniadi
14:00 Plenary lecture: Carmen Díaz-Sala Maturation-related decline of adventitious formation in conifers
14:30 Keynote Lecture: Idan Efroni , Root regeneration and the birth of new roots
15:00 Selected speaker: Anna Wunderling, Periderm development in the Arabidopsis root: a tale of growth and death
15:20 Coffee break
  Chair: Sara Raggi
15:40 Keynote lecture: Lin Xu De novo root organogenesis in Arabidopsis: From wounding to cell fate transition.
16:10 Selected speaker: Colleen Drapek, Gene regulatory network for Arabidopsis Root Endodermis Differentiation
16:30 Selected speaker: Joop Vermeer, Cell volume regulation during lateral root formation in Arabidopsis
16:50 Selected speaker: Urs Fischer, Cell divisions in columella initials trigger root cap abscission at a local auxin response minimum
17:10 Concluding remarks - announcements
17:20 Poster session I, 17:20-19:00, “Tonsalen”

  Wednesday May 31 2017All lectures will be given in the lecture hall “Studion”
  Session III: Metabolism and secondary metabolites. Their role in the control of root development
  Chair: Amanda Rasmussen
9:00 Plenary lecture: Uwe Druege, Interaction of plant hormones and metabolism on adventitious rooting of cuttings in a complex environment - what did we learn from Petunia?
9:30 Selected speaker: Gloria Muday, Flavonols alter reactive oxygen species levels to control root development.
9:50 Selected speaker: Ioanna Antoniadi, Cell-surface receptors enable perception of extracellular cytokinins
10:10 Selected speaker: Sabrina Chin, Flavonoids as jack-of-all-trades in plant defence and feeding site organogenesis during root knot nematode infection
10:30 Coffee break
   Chair: Abdellah Lakehal
11:00 Keynote lecture: Amanda Rasmussen, A-maizing root physiology and advantageous adventitious roots.
11:30 Selected speaker: Nils Hennion, Carbon flux to the roots: Focus on sucrose transporters
11:50 Selected speaker: Yohanna Miotto, Identification of genes associated with light-activated root growth in Arabidopsis
12:10 Selected speaker: Sascha Waidmann, Internal and External Signals Controlling Radial Expansion of Root Systems
12:30 Lunch
  Session IV: Root development in response to abiotic constraints
  Chair: Sascha Waidmann
14:00 Plenary lecture: Gabriella Stefania Scippa, Root under bending stress: mechanical forces and asymmetric responses.
14:30 Keynote lecture: Stefan Kepinski, Gravity and the shaping of plant form: root growth angle control.
15:00 Selected speaker: Juliette Roué, Implication of the root cap of Arabidopsis thaliana in the sensing of mechanical impedance
15:20 Selected speaker: Zongcheng Lin Programmed Cell Death controls the organ size of the Arabidopsis root cap
15:40 Coffee break
   Chair: Grégory Vert
16:00 Keynote lecture: Marie-Béatrice Bogeat-Triboulot, Contribution of cell proliferation and cell elongation to the response of root growth to environment.
16:30 Selected speaker: Benjamin Péret, lasso mutants link root gravitropic response and salt stress.
16:50 Selected speaker: Anjil Kuma Srivastava, SUMO Protease promote the root growth in Crop Plants under abiotic stress
17:10 Concluding remarks - announcements
17:20 Poster session II, 17:20-19:00, “Tonsalen”

  Thursday June 1 2017All lectures will be given in the lecture hall “Studion”
  Session V: Nutrient and water uptake and transport
  Chair: Sandra Jämtgård
9:00 Plenary lecture: Annie Desrochers, Evidence of water and carbohydrate transfers through root connections in balsam poplar trees.
9:30 Selected speaker: Dong Liu, An Arabidopsis ABC transporter mediates phosphate deficiency-induced remodeling of root architecture by modulating iron homeostasis in roots
9:50 Selected speaker: Riccardo Giehl, Natural variation of RSA responsiveness to nitrogen and phosphorus deficiencies in Arabidopsis
10:10 Selected speaker: Kaisa Kajala, Tomato root gene expression atlas – a view into development from multiple regulatory levels, cell types, environments and species
10:30 Coffee break
   Chair: Judith Felten
11:00 Keynote lecture: Torgny Näsholm The root perspective of soils; microdialysis mimics mass flow and diffusion
11:30 Selected speaker: Arthur Poitout, Nitrate Long-Distance Signaling: Deciphering Shoot Regulatory Network Controlling Root Response to Spatial Nitrate Heterogeneity
11:50 Selected speaker: Sandra Jämtgård, This is not a root – How a semipermeable membrane can be used to get insight into the chemical composition of the soil root interface.
12:10 Selected speaker: Tonni Andersen, The endodermal passage cell: just another brick in the wall?
12:30 Lunch
  Session VI: Roots and biotic interactions
  Chair: Urs Fischer
13:30 Plenary lecture: Jan Stenlid Tree root infecting fungi: pathogens, mutualists, endophytes, or saprotrophs?
14:00 Selected speaker: Judith Felten, Cell wall remodeling in Populus roots during ectomycorrhiza formation with L. bicolor
14:20 Selected speaker: Javier Cabrera, Role of small RNAs during the development of nematode feeding cell in Arabidopsis roots
14:40 Coffee break
15:00 Selected speaker: Aurélia Emonet, FLS2 expression impacts cell-specific spatiotemporal compartmentation of PAMP-Triggered Immunity in Arabidopsis thaliana
15:20 Selected speaker: Jessica Finch, Deciphering immunity-induced changes in root growth and development
15:40 Closing of the conference, concluding remarks, announcement of the next conference
19:00 Conference dinner in “Studion”